Polet Andrade

Precarious Beauty


About the Exhibition

Polet Andrade is based on Morelia, México, a state widely known for its natural beauty and cultural richness, but sadly, it's also a national epicenter for violence and crime. As a woman, this is something that has resonated deeply in Polet. Ever since she became aware of her surroundings and the fragility that life has there, she wanted to express it through art, poetry and even video art. In addition, she wanted to do something that not only makes us aware of the faces of women but also, to share a memento about our precariousness, the beauty and the collective fear: these are portraits of women: our daughters, mothers and friends. Women we love and glance at with a smile, fully aware that in this city, these are all woman we might or might not ever see again.

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About the Artist

Polet Andrade is an emerging visual artist and poet from Mexico. Polet has been working as a screenwriter and digital artist for the last 2 years and independently for almost 1 year.

As a poet, Polet has been writing in local and national platforms for the last 18 months. She has been published by Sweek, El Humo, Errr Magazine, Suplemento Ojarasca and many other printed and digital magazines and supplements. Fairly recently, Polet received a grant to launch her very first poetry book which will be published in 2019.

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To read more of Polet’s poetry, visit her blog.