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3 Creative Questions to Polet Andrade

3 Creative Questions to Polet Andrade

Polet Andrade is a Mexican based artist and poet; we are proud to have her artwork in our gallery. To learn more about her and her art, we asked her 3 creative questions.

As a visual artist and poet, you work both with images and with words: 2 very different ways of expressing yourself. What is it like using these two different kinds of art?

Yes, although words and pictures might seem very different, on a second instance I try to see them both as valuable tools; each one has a particular view on things and a special language to portray them, but by combining them based on a subject I believe it achieves a more complex form of creation. As I see it, literature can learn a lot from art and vice versa.

That's why I am always so eager to explore and test the limitations of each medium I can find, it is always a very pleasant surprise -and a challenge- to achieve something you can almost call original, more so in our current world. And I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to just ramble around different media in order to tell my story.

The subject of your art very often is women. What do you think is an important message to convey in this day and age about women? How do you try to do that?

Speaking as a Mexican woman, I've grown in a culture that has many issues on the subject, not only because of the precarious state of law but also because of our culture and a history full of struggle and generalized forgetfulness. Since violence and corruption is segmented in many layers, that's why it can be harsh to find long-term solutions as a whole.

So, from where I stand I think the best thing to do is act your best as an individual, take care of others and do not condone any kind of violence. But also, understand is a complex issue with many points involved.

I travel a lot throughout my country in order to listen and learn directly from the people with a different view and it's always an enriching experience. Another important thing is, I always try to educate myself as much as I can but leaving room for self-questioning and criticism so your perspective can grow or change. That I think is very important, to acknowledge your own ignorance and willfully do something about it.

What is your best tip for an emerging artist?  

Honestly? often when I hear the word artist I feel like an impostor, so I might not give the best advice for emerging artists. However, I can tell you what I can strive to be and hopefully someone out there can take my opinion with a grain of salt: I've always had an urge, almost an itch for creation. And I've always admired artists that are courageous, since it takes a very strong individual to create and also share art, more so if the artist is young. In a way, I think the fear of creation stems from an urge that's almost like a teenage crush: you are sacrificing everything for the love of something that doesn't even exist yet... and that even yourself, deep down don't even know if such a thing can be possible. Society often makes you feel awful about it like you are betting on the one losing dog.

But you invest yourself and when it suddenly becomes alive it's like a miracle, and it's such an amazing thing to be a part of. All of the artists I admire are half dreamers and half constant doers who are not afraid of risk.

To view Polet’s exhibition, click here.

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