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3 Creative Questions to Carlos Muslera

3 Creative Questions to Carlos Muslera

In this blog we are delighted that Carlos Muslera, a visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina will answer 3 questions. Carlos took classes of Engraving an Drawing with Martha Gavensky, Drawing and Painting with Peter Sussmann, Alejandro Boim, MEEBA in Buenos Aires, and with others, for about 15 years. Moreover, he studied History of Art with José Emilio Burucúa, and he has a degree in TV Production and Direction in Canal 13, Buenos Aires.

Carlos held many solo and collective exhibitions, among which in the museums Eduardo Sívori in Buenos Aires, Bellas Artes in Luján, Bellas Artes in Salta, Ledesma in Jujuy and José Antonio Terry in Tilcara, Jujuy; in cultural centers General San Martín, Recoleta, and Borges, in Buenos Aires; the National Library and National College in Buenos Aires; the Pasaje 865 Fundation Buenos Aires; and art galleries Sara García Uriburu, del Socorro, Espacio Céfiro, Pérez Quesada, Alfredo Cataldo Arte Contemporáneo, Basso Craig, Central Newbery and others. Carlos also exhibited abroad and offered art workshops in San Francisco, Los Ángeles and New Haven in the USA. His work is part of collections in Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Perú, Spain, the USA, the UK and Venezuela. In short, an experienced and all round artist.

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You are a visual artist that draws inspiration from every day public life among other subjects. How is your work different from other artists with this interest?

My work is strongly tied to geometry, color, textures, matter and other visual elements which result in a figurative art full of abstract references. Even when I represent city life, I try to convey that with imagination and cultural elements into my mind, in search of a language capable of expressing our times.

To what extend do you think 'place' is important in your work?

Place is important for me. A tide of sight elements occur constantly in my life, and I keep many of them in mind when I paint. Even when I don't feel melancholic about childhood, no doubt those times have a presence in my art, and a visual quest that invades me is present since then. So my art is always biased by 'place'.

What is your best tip for an emerging artist?

Think this: ‘do you have something to say which hasn't been said already?’

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