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3 Creative Questions to Haley Sellmeyer

3 Creative Questions to Haley Sellmeyer

Haley Sellmeyer is a young artist based in the Kansas City Area, USA. Being born premature, her mother tried to find ways to stimulate her development and found an answer in art. Haley started with pudding-, and water-based paint at the early age of 1 and has evolved to acrylics on canvas by the age of 4 and oil painting by the age of 6. She recently turned 11 and can already look back on quite a career: she has participated in over 50 exhibitions (including juried shows), been interviewed by different local media and she is currently artist in residence at the Paper Birch Landing Gallery in KCMO. Haley also donates artwork to charities to raise money for kids in need. At the moment she is trying to expand her charity work by teaming up with local businesses, which shows great awareness and commitment to her community.

Haley uses different techniques and is not afraid to try something new. She has an open mind and does not seem to be bothered by the complexities some other artists seem to be dealing with. Her artwork is mostly colorful and ranges from showing her creative imagination to more serious representative work and much in between.

Haley Sellmeyer,  Lighthouse , 16 x 20 inch, Oil Paint, Courtesy of the artist

As an artist, you feel art should be fun. How do you keep your work as an artist fun for yourself?

I create with bright colors and different mediums to make it fun. I also create a variety of different styles of artwork from abstract to realist landscapes to change things up. I love to listen to music and dance around while I create. Lastly, I ensure I take plenty of breaks.

Haley Sellmeyer,  Coffeecup 9 , courtesy of the artist

Many adult artists are working hard to get taken seriously as artists. You are only 11 years old. Do you feel you have to work  harder to be accepted as an artist, do you feel your young age is actually an advantage or do you think it does not matter?

To be accepted as an artist - Yes, I feel I have to work harder being a young artist because a lot of galleries, art shows, art venue's and art organizations turn me down based on my age, rather than my skills as an artist. A lot of times they don't even look at my artwork before turning me down.

I feel my age both helps and hinders me. I think it benefits me because I have the advantage of learning and gaining knowledge as an artist and entrepreneur at a young age. My age has also helped me at times to sell my artwork because people are amazed at what I can create and can do at such a young age. However, my age also hinders me because I'm not old enough to participate in some shows/events because they have an age limit and sometimes art organizations, galleries and other artists are rude to me because of my age.

Haley Sellmeyer,  Sunset Mountain , 16 x 20 inches, Oil painting, courtesy of the artist

What is your best tip for emerging artists?

Be creative, have fun, don't give up and be sure to engage your audience. Talk to people, tell them about your artwork, explain it, answer their questions and ask them questions!

You can find more of Haley’s work at her website https://haleysellmeyer.com/

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