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3 Creative Questions to Emmanuel Monzies

3 Creative Questions to Emmanuel Monzies

Emmanuel Monzies is a visual artist from France, with a special interest in monotypes. His work has been shown in solo- and group exhibits all over the world and he received several awards, among which an honorable mention at the 5th edition of the ITSLIQUID International Contest, the Special Recognition Award for the Pattern art exhibition at Light Space Time Online Art Gallery and - most recently - winner of the 6th Bio-Art contest in Korea.

Emmanuel combines ink and paper or canvas with living materials like plants to create his prints. The result are mysterious abstract images that keep revealing something new every time you look at them.

Can you explain your technique in making your series 'Rebel Plants' and what attracts you to this process?

My latest artworks are about transposing living materials like plants and bodies on paper or on canvas with a predilection for monotypes: This complex living world we neglect, if not destroy, is revealed by shadows, imprints and drawings. “Printing life” is becoming the common thread of my series.

Rebel Plants is one of my last exhibitions: These monotypes transform imprint of plants into abstraction. The printing plate is reused several times with additional inking and drawings which create an intriguing complexity from successive compositions. This process leads to some unexpected effects print after print: the more you reuse the inked plate, the more additional materials and inking transform your artworks by dragging you deeper in a whirlwind of inspiration.

When did you first consider yourself an artist and how did that come about?

It came slowly: I have always felt a creative dynamic inside me, but I have to find some kind of inner energy to let it emerge. It happened years ago with a few watercolors I made in Venice. This series released me and made me enter in a new phase. Since then, I have been exposed to solo and group exhibitions in France, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Dubai and many other countries.

What is your best tip to emerging artists?

Try to develop your spontaneity by leaving your artworks to their own will, if not some sort of a soul in itself: unexpected effects will be transformed into an inspiration to go further on unknown territories.

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